Buddhadāsa Bhikkhu
Ven. Buddhadāsa Bhikkhu (1906-1993)
Dhamma Zentrum Dhammasacca Patisangvedi
Experiencing the True Dhamma

Address: Güntzelstr. 45, 10717 Berlin
(U3 Hohenzollplatz, U9 Güntzelstr, U7 Blissestr, U7 Fehrbellinerplatz)
Telephone: 0176-2483-0628 or 030-4052-7371 Email: medhayo (at) buddhadasabooks.org

Dhamma Zentrum Dhammasacca Patisangvedi is a small Dhamma centre with the goal to teach
the Dhamma and Buddhist meditation in accordance with the teachings of Buddhadāsa Bhikkhu.

Bhante Medhayo
Bhante Medhāyo Resident monk

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Sutta readings

Every Saturday, 17:00 hrs

There is a mailing list for participants - please contact me directly to be added to the mailing list. An email is sent to participants every week with details of the sutta to be read and a download  link, details of the monthly Dhamma discussion, and news of other events, programme changes etc.

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