Buddhadāsa Bhikkhu
Ven. Buddhadāsa Bhikkhu (1906-1993)
Dhamma Zentrum Dhammasacca Patisangvedi
Experiencing the True Dhamma

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Dhamma Zentrum Dhammasacca Patisangvedi is a small Dhamma centre with the goal to teach
the Dhamma and Buddhist meditation in accordance with the teachings of Buddhadāsa Bhikkhu.

Bhante Medhayo
Bhante Medhāyo Resident monk

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Regular meditation group

A regular meditation group meets every Thursday at 19:00 hrs. The meditation will be conducted in accordance with the method taught by Buddhadāsa Bhikkhu. Everybody is welcome.

Meditation for children

A meditation for children group can be arranged on Sunday afternoons on request.

Meditation retreats

Small meditation retreats are held in the centre from time to time. Participants will stay overnight in the centre (bring something to sleep on!). Beginners are welcome. Meditation will follow the Ānāpānasati Sutta, as taught by Ven. Buddhadāsa Bhikkhu. It is an ideal opportunity to make significant progress. Those interested should contact me directly in person or by telephone.

You should read the Ānāpānasati Sutta before you come as it is the basis of the meditation we will practise, and we will discuss it briefly at the beginning of the retreat. You can download the sutta here:

Sutta number 118, Ānāpānasati Sutta, Achtsamkeit auf den Atem.
This is in English, German and Pali - print it double-sided (landscape, turn page on short edge) and fold as a booklet.

Sutta number 118, Ānāpānasati Sutta, Achtsamkeit auf den Atem, with Thai.
This is in English, German, Pali and Thai - print it double-sided (landscape, turn page on short edge) and fold as a booklet.

Dhamma lecture on Sunday 24th February 2008, 17:00 hrs, at the Dhamma Centre:

Das Ānāpānasati Sutta, Achtsamkeit auf den Atem:
seine Anwendung im täglichen Leben nach der Lehre des Buddhadasa Bhikkhus

On Sunday 24th February 2008 I gave a lecture in the Dhamma Centre on Ānāpānasati (awareness of the breathing) and its application to everyday life (in German).
Lecture given on 17th February 2008 (20MB)

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