Buddhadāsa Bhikkhu
Ehrw. Buddhadāsa Bhikkhu (1906-1993)
Dhamma Zentrum Dhammasacca Patisangvedi
Den wahren Dhamma erleben

Adresse: Güntzelstr. 45, 10717 Berlin
(U3 Hohenzollplatz, U9 Güntzelstr, U7 Blissestr, U7 Fehrbellinerplatz)
Telefon: 0176-2483-0628 oder 030-4052-7371 Email: medhayo (at) buddhadasabooks.org

Dhamma Zentrum Dhammasacca Patisangvedi ist ein kleines Zentrum mit dem Ziel, den Dhamma
und die Buddhistische Meditation im Einklang mit der Lehre von Buddhadāsa Bhikkhu zu lehren.

Bhante Medhayo
Bhante Medhāyo Leitender Mönch

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Regular Programme:

Sutta readings

Every Saturday, 17:00 hrs

There is a mailing list for participants - please contact me directly for details.

Regular meditation group

A regular meditation group meets every Thursday at 19:00 hrs. The meditation will be conducted in accordance with the method taught by Buddhadāsa Bhikkhu. Everybody is welcome.

Meditation for children

A meditation for children group can be arranged on Sunday afternoons on request.

Monthly Dhamma discussion

First Tuesday of every month, 19:00 hrs

A monthly Dhamma discussion to discuss particular topics in the Dhamma and to discuss any particular questions you may have.

Monthly Dhamma lecture in Thai/Lao
Dhamma Desana

First Sunday of every month, at lunchtime

On the first Sunday of every month there will be a Dhamma lecture in Thai/Lao, at lunchtime. This can also take the form of questions and answers. 

Pindapāta (walking for alms)

Every Sunday morning, starting around 10 am, I go Pindapāta in the neighbouring streets around the Dhamma centre - Pankstr. past Viengthai Restaurant as far as Badstr., returning on the other side of Badstr. as far as Wiesenstr., turn right into Wiesenstr., across Reinickendorferstr., turn left past Dan Thai Imbiss, then back to the Dhamma Zentrum.

Every Monday morning around 10 am I go Pindapāta in Müllerstr., Wedding as far as the intersection with Seestr.

Every Wednesday morning around 10 am I go Pindapāta in Kantstr. Charlottenburg.

Every Thursday morning around 10 am I go Pindapāta in Spandau in the U-Bahn Rathaus Spandau.

Every Saturday morning around 10 am I go Pindapāta in Neukölln in the U-Bahn Hermannstr (U8). I subsequently go on to Neukölln in the vicinity of U-Bahn Rathaus Neukölln/Boddinstraße (circa 10:15 am).

Pali study group

A small Pali study group meets on Wednesdays at 18:00 hrs. Please contact me directly if you are interested.

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